Thursday, 20 January 2011


A while ago IJP highlighted the contradiction in a Tom Elliott statement over the Tory link - with him managing to make it as look as clear as the Alliance Party/Liberal Democrat relationship ;-).  Now the issue of contradictions has risen again (but to be fair its spread over two statements rather than contained in one).  Yesterday the UUP made a move on the budget declaring:

"...the Ulster Unionist Party is unable to endorse the draft Budget proposal"

This prompted Three Thousand Versts and Open Unionism to ask what was planned next and was interpreted as a rejection.  Judging by the statement issued by Tom Elliott there was no plan with the position diluted to:

"At this stage we believe it is prudent to reserve our position. We are not rejecting the budget."

With Ulster Unionist Minister Danny Kennedy seemingly in the dark about the shift, did McNarry go on another of his solo runs as he has appeared to do with a finance paper which rejected policing and justice for  years and then his cuts document?  This would be hard enough for any communications unit to deal with never mind the hollowed out vessel that is trying to deal with it all.

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Michael Shilliday said...

I don't want to comment on anything EXCEPT, you clearly didn't read the P&J document. It said that FUNDING for policing should be witheld for 5 years, which is very different.

And just as a matter of fact that wasn't a McNarry solo run.