Tuesday, 6 July 2010

No one told Michael what UUP policy was

Michael McGimpsey claimed today that not ring fencing health spending here was a 'political' decision:

"I think it's political. The DUP before the assembly elections said the health budget should rise 20%.  Immediately they get elected and I'm the minister they're arguing there should be no rises,"

However according to David McNarry, this is actually UUP policy

"No department can escape painful reductions in their capacity to spend. Not even those more deserving than others in laying claim to ring fencing"

Perhaps Michael should take his own advice:

"I think that's gross hypocrisy and I think the people here deserve a wee bit of honesty."

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Anonymous said...

The Health Minister's comparison with the rest of the UK is misleading. In Northern Ireland the Health budget includes a lot more than just doctors and hospitals e.g. social services, after schools clubs, fire service, and as a result comprises 48% on the NI budget. In GB health means health and only represents something like 27% of the budget, which is much easier to ringfence.