Friday, 21 January 2011


Stop digging is the advice to someone in a hole but the UUP seems to be have considered shovels inadequate and called in a JCB.  After managing to make their position on the budget even more obscure they tactic today is to go on the attack.  Tom Elliott's has issued another statement on the topic of the economy - the facebook description of it states:

"The people of Northern Ireland will not be sucked in by fantasy and propaganda."

However, the statement itself is a textbook case of fantasy.  To try and negate attacks about the franchise relationship with the Conservatives it seems the response is to create an imagined relationship between the DUP and Labour.  This leads to the claim that the economic crisis was caused by:

"...a combination of a worldwide recession and Labour economic policies which the DUP supported."

DUP support?  Has he checked the voting record of DUP MPs in the last parliament e.g. Nigel Dodds.  There were a number of prominent politicians who both praised and committed to continue Labour's policies that Tom may know, they were called David Cameron and George Osborne.  Their rejection of Labour economic policies coincided with the crash.  However, this is merely the starter for the complete loss of reality:

"We must never forget that the DUP were the Party that kept Labour in power"

Huh? In 2005 the Labour government was elected with a majority of 64 seats.  What kept it in power was itself.


Belfast Gonzo said...

Is he referring to the vote on the length of detention without charging for terrorist suspects?

Lee said...

The only thing I can think of but if that legislation fell Labour would have remained in power regardless. When the legislation died in the House of Lords it certainly did not bring them down.

Belfast Gonzi said...

True, but Brown had staked a lot on it IIRC. H could've been out of a job as PM.