Thursday, 16 September 2010

No Pope in Rome - He's in the UK - updated

The Pope is winging his way to the UK as I type for a state visit to the United Kingdom.  Despite the greater fascination with matters of religion here it has managed to generate a good row on the national stage.

Guido goes for the standard counter-attack that criticism is bigotry although atheists are the subject of his ire rather than evangelical Protestants.  While a German Cardinal's criticism of Heathrow has been inflated and over-shadowed his legitimate criticism of the state's attitude to religion.  Locally the Presbyterian Moderator has tied himself in knots by agreeing to attend a joint service but declining to shake the Pontiff's hand - sounds to me as if he has matters arse about face.  The Claudy bombing is also a notable omission from his criticism.  Although the choice of Chris Patten to respond and his grating condescension probably gained Norman Hamilton a little sympathy.  Meanwhile unsurprisingly the Free P's keep it traditional.

However, beyond the accusation and counter-accusation what is happening is what should happen.  Those who wish to identify and support with the visit do so and those who wish to criticise and protest do so.

UPDATE The Cranmer blog is back again with his take on the Papal visit.

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