Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Claudy and the Churches

A key focus of the Claudy report has been the Catholic Church with it seriously mishandling its response to the report with more and more denial creeping in as the story goes on.  With Malachi O'Doherty providing his usual thorough analysis of the issues around its behaviour.

However, the response of the Protestant churches should not be overlooked.  No senior represntatives have visited Claudy.  Their press statements have been anondyne and dance around the conclusions of the report - PCI and CoI (Nothing from the Methodists).  If denial and buck-passing has been the media approach of the Catholic Church, avoidance seems to be the press approach of the main Protestant churches.  Too much?  The churches had no difficulty in laying into bankers for their actions a few months ago.  Now, it appears denial of justice (and a refusal to apologise) does not merit the same strong stance.

At face value they seem to be operating a 2010 adaption of Willie Whitelaw's policy.

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