Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rumour mill - the third man

The talk of the third Unionist candidate for the UUP leadership race had run into the ground and Basil's announcement has become the focus. However, according to a text doing the rounds the third man will announce in the next week. He is described as unelected and a Belfast-based businessman involved in the property market. So it's join the dots time and some are looking in this direction. It's true the UUP certainly could do with some:

"Delivery & Leadership"

From an

"encourager, catalyst & connector"

(I tried unsuccessfully to contact him by telephone and email to confirm or deny the rumour.  He seems to be in Cork at the moment.)

UPDATE In today's News Letter he says he will not be running.  He beleieves he would have enough support to be nominated but believes his role lies within business

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