Thursday, 16 September 2010

State of the Union

The latest state trapping the European Union has adopted is a State of the Union address by the Commission President with another being sought.  Such was the anticipation of the event that even among the europhilic parliament they attempted to bribe/fine MEPs into attendance before an outcry stopped them.  The backdrop to the speech wasn't good in terms of the wider public with the Eurobarometer showing widespread disillusionment with the European Union.  Also as someone who 'tries' to write speeches for others and with much still to learn of the art I do take an interest in such set piece events.

From Barroso's there is much to learn.  Namely how uninspiring a speech that tries to offer a little bit of everything to everyone but that ultimately amount to superficial change can be.  There will be more of the same and at increased cost.  When faced with public opposition politicians either have to change direction or challenge public opinion by making the case based on the fundamentals.  This does neither.

In theory this should be the perfect time to use our purported referedum lock to challenge the operation and direction of the European Union with some sympathy from the electorates on the continent but the lock appears still looks more myth than reality.

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