Friday, 13 August 2010

Ultonia v the Lions

I took some family time yesterday to visit Belfast Zoo (hence no blogging).  As a Belfast ratepayer, it is one of the services I genuinely don't mind having to subsidise (just don't start me on the Waterfront Hall).  It was a good day with very few of the animals hiding away with not even a wasp sting taking away from it.  Besides the weans, the most important aspect of the day for me was the lion enclosure with its new Barbary lions.

The reason was my rather odd relationship with the previous pride of lions.  They hated me (on spec they didn't even wait to give me 5 minutes).  Every time I went to the zoo they would literally follow me around the perimeter of their cage roaring (and if the gates were open go into their house and jump up at the windows to follow me for as long as they could).  

If this had occurred once it would have been a one off oddity but when it happened on three occasions years apart I'd call that a pattern.  I am pleased to report the Barbary Lions do not share the predispositions of the previous pride and happily lay in the sun as I walked past.  

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