Monday, 16 August 2010

IDS gets his money - sort of

A threat to resign and a shouting match in front of officials seems to have delivered for Iain Duncan Smith and his welfare refrom programme - sort of.  According to Iain Martin a compromise deal is in the making:

"Under the proposals, if IDS can deliver the multi-billion savings that the Treasury demands, close to £3 billion of the savings will then be ring-fenced for him to use for his welfare reform programme."

However, this compromise comes with a political risk:

"...some of the commitments made by David Cameron before polling day to protect specific benefits will have to be revisited and potentially watered down."

So we can expect more attacks on the Labour Party.  However, even the muted deal is not an easy ask for IDS in this crucial task.  Government savings are not easy to deliver and savings in the Welfare budget even more so.

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