Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Basil loses it

Basil Marceaux not McCrea that is. He failed in his bid to be the republican gubnatorial candidate in Tennessee:

"Internet sensation Basil Marceaux, a hit with late-night television for his outlandish platform that included fining anybody who does not carry a firearm, received 3,505 votes, or 0.5 percent, in the Republican gubernatorial primary."

So the adage fails and another internet sensation sees no reqard at the abllot box.  However, while he finished last in that race, he will take heart from his better performance in the republican primary for the 3rd Congressional district.  He avoided the wooden spoon in that race coming 9th in a field of 11 with 1% of the vote.  However, it does make you wonder what the two he defeated, Grover Travillian and Harvey Howard, must be like.


Anonymous said...

I think that 3,505 votes after *that* election broadcast was damned respectable.

Of course, it does make one wonder what exactly 3,505 GOP voters in Tennesse were drinking before going to the polls ...

Lee said...

Probably the spoils of that fine home brewing tradition taken to Tenessee via Ulster ;)