Wednesday, 4 August 2010

All publicity is good publicity?

Arguably going viral helped the profile of Dale Peterson against more established and better supported republican candidates and while losing he may never have got the showing he did.  However what impact will going viral have on another person seeking the republican nomination for Governor in Tenessee, Basil Marceaux.  A local news station gave every primary candidate a slot and his performance has gone viral.

He has also made national TV appearances as a result.  The attention also meant Marceaux's criminal record of mostly traffic offences was revealed.  Although on one occassion charges were dismissed as the court ruled he was insane.  However, a local judge provides an apt refrain for those who would wish simply to ridicule:

Moon described Marceaux as a “character,” and noted, “I have always liked characters and have always been kind of infatuated with people who hear the sound of a different drummer.”

A poll had him at 1% before the video went viral so will the extra attention help his campaign?  A perfect opportunity to test the old publicity adage.

Hat tip Guido Fawkes.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular. Genuis.

All of a sudden I see the NI Assembly in a new light.

A damned impressive achievement.

Lee said...

Time for the House of Cards answer

Anonymous said...

All publicity is not good publicity. During the recent General Election I think the more coverage Jim Allister got the fewer people liked what he had to say, or even him as a person.