Monday, 12 April 2010

What a car crash

I realise PEB's in Northern Ireland will never be leading the way in political communication so alright is as good as you can aim for and at least avoid a car crash. The SDLP PEB has managed a multiple pile-up blocking all lanes. Visually, Margaret Ritchie chose a Catholic Cathedral as her main backdrop while talking about a shared future (nice outreach when needing Unionist tactical voting in two constituencies) and then switched to multiple ever changing boxes that distracted from the voice-over. After that we had Dolores Kelly acting like a rabbit in the headlights but that was fine when comapred with the wooden re-enactments of the Reservoir dog scene of men (and some women) in suits walking down the street (with red ties popular). Also it got disastrously overtaken by events, the section where candidates spoke culminated with Declan O'Loan and others standing outside Palace Barracks angrily demanding security powers be returned to Irish hands - on the same day the Real IRA bomb it, ouch!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was good. Who cares what church she is standing in front of. I liked the "well be there" theme.

Lee said...

Re Church - visual image and spoken message need to match.

Anonymous said...

TBH - a Catholic church image isn't good for anyone at the minute.

Even from RC voters how much support is the "Official Catholic Church Candidate" going to receive at the polls??

Gonzo said...

It was pretty crap. Even the UUP one was much better!