Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chinks of light on South Belfast

Two chinks of light have emerged on South Belfast regardless of what Owen Patterson says.

Tonight UCUNF candidate Paula Bradshaw has given a conditional offer to withdraw (facebook membership reqd) if asked to do so by Sir Reg Empey on the basis that a candidate with "the same record of cross-community credentials and record of service" as Rodney Connor has been found. This should not be beyond the capabilities of Unionism working together as Fermanagh and South Tyrone showed.

The local Loyal Orders have made their views known - not only seeking the FST model in South Belfast but promising to publicly blame any party that blocks such a move and encourage people not to vote for that party. Over to you Sir Reg.


Anonymous said...

The OOs involvement is deeply regrettable.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, Bradshaw is the better candidate. And a very good candidate. Independents are not a great idea in general.