Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The PEB Test - UCUNF passes

UCUNF's broadcast was on tonight. IMO it passed the 'alright' test - visually dull but repeated the main party messages and some exposure to the candidates in the seats they are targeting. Ringland spoke a bit too quickly and the obviously new rugby top took away from the 'authenticity' of the scene. Also having a "Way Out" sign behind Nesbitt wasn't the best backdrop either but they don't make it a bad PEB. I am a bit surprised that despite the web credentials of the new communications director that the video isn't available on the web yet (6.15pm) despite having been on TV. Update now available here.

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Anonymous said...

Lesley McAuley is a very clear and sharp speaker. I can see why they have chosen her as a candidate.

She is up there with Nesbitt and Cameron as having the clearest and strongest communicators in the PEB.