Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The PEB Test - Sinn Fein passes

Sinn Fein had their PEB tonight and it had the highest production values so far. A good chunk of it is seems to have been lifted from their recent conference video but it passes the alright test. I'm not its target market and from what I could understand (Gaelic isn't my forte) the message seemed to be we've done a good job and stick with us (even if how we go from here is all a bit vague).

Also at my first view I wonder if Gerry Kelly breached the rules about a candidate appearing in a PEB must not be filmed in an identifiable part of the constituency they are standing in. I thought I recognised it as part of North Belfast but I'll have to have another look to check. UPDATE On a second look there are possibly three breaches - Gildernew stands in front of a bus twice - with South-West Fermanagh written on it. Kelly is standing with the Belfast Hills behind him. It pops off for a few seconds and then is back at the same housing development now with the Rathcoole high rises in the backshot. Possibly Ruane as well but I'll need another look.

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