Thursday, 15 April 2010


It's the DUP's turn for the PEB today. It was launched this morning using a mobile media van that then visited a number of town centres. They have went for 'big' narrative with Nigel Dodds setting the background and then Peter Robinson with a focus on the future. As I had a peripheral role in its development I won't comment on it.


Ivor Whitten said...

You are too modest. ;)

Howard said...

Not bad in terms of production.

But very much more like a SF PEB than a unionist one with all the heavy (and heavily slanted) historical narrative.

I thought it too heavy. The whole peace process narrative is a bit passé now.

The history lesson was surely intelligence-insulting. Absurd to suggest the economy was rosy up to the troubles. The 1950s and 60s were a time of decline in all British manufacturing centres.

Regarding the Robinson speech to the DUP party faithful. I felt a bit as though I was intruding on private grief of the DUP.

As for that young lady in the audience who had tears streaming at PR's speech. I mean wasn't that rather contrived? You zoomed in on those tears.

Finally where are the candidates?

In sum I just found it a tad too heavy on "peace process narrative" some of which rather insults the intelligence so it felt like I was watching a SF PEB.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that annoyed me - this is a Westminister election. So why all this apologetic stuff about Stormont? Surely what is relevant is what your MPs are going to do not your MLAs. Again this makes it similar to SF.

O'Neill said...

Professional production.

Dodd's background intro (and the present shots) worked better than the Robinson piece on the future. Also felt a minute or so too long, which coincided more or less with his bit. Nothing about Westminster or role at Westminster- it would have worked better as a Council or Assembly PEB.

Quincey said...

I think it was the right message and direction. Yes this may be Westminister, but for me we are at a time when direction and strategy are of extremely more importance than personality.