Thursday, 15 April 2010

The First Leaders Debate

Family duties meant I only saw 45 minutes of the debate. I didn't think it was as boring as some predicted but punting it out as a DVD would be an easy way to lose money. They were all being a bit too nice to one another but I didn't spot any clangers.

A key staffer in John McCain's campaign argued tonight on Radio 4 that it is not the debate that impacts on the polls but rather the perceived wisdom about them which takes a few days to develop. On that score my perception is that Clegg used the opportunity the best of the three of them in terms of handling the debate and getting a message out there. Cameron and Brown I had about even, both seemed that little bit more rehearsed.

UPDATE according to the polls the wisdom of the crowd is 1.Clegg 2. Cameron 3.Brown.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was a good TV event.

Clegg did come out well.

I can't remember much about what Clegg said, apart from the Trident stuff, but he just seemed to be articulate and on top of things, and able to remember everyone's names who asked questions.

Cameron didn't do so well as expectations. But there are two more to go.