Thursday, 24 March 2011


It has been a day of schoolboy errors in the media.  In the Belfast Telegraph their political editor Liam Clarke's column can't get basic facts correct:

"They [Sinn Fein] came out ahead in the European Election in 2009 but the DUP had replaced their key vote-getter - Ian Paisley - with a new candidate in Diane Dodds, who had just lost a council seat."

Ian Paisley had stood down at the previous European Election in 2004 not the 2009 election and Diane Dodds lost her Assembly seat not her Council seat.  

Meanwhile the BBC NI website can't get the name of the Deputy Leader of the Ulster Unionist Assembly group, John McCallister, correct.  On its report of the latest UUP split/spat it manages to call him two different things "John McAllister" in the text and "Jim McAllister" under the photo of McNarry.

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