Tuesday, 29 March 2011


It appears the election fever has gone to the TUV economics spokesperson head.  David Vance is now deeply disturbed about the potential cuts to the public sector and accusing others of U-turns over the issue of Corporation tax. With furrowed brow he states:

"Four years of such annual corporate cuts would mean more than a billion pounds being removed from the block grant by a delighted Treasury."

His worries for the public sector are something of a revelation. He displayed no such concern about the public sector before he chose to run as a candidate.  He previously stated (scroll down to comments):

" I would happily reduce the public sector – shred it."

Vance even feigns concern for public sector workers stating that:

"Having to sack teachers and nurses in order to boost business profits is an intolerable asking price"

He was not so concerned about public workers when he declared on his blog:

"Let's put the public sector parasites under the microscope - either let them perform or be sacked. Better still, privatise them all anyway!"

On when he dismissed teachers and nurses as part of a parasite sector that:

"These are the people who take the most sick leave, who enjoy the most generous holiday provision, who are guaranteed indulgent pension provision, but yet they need more. If they can’t afford to buy houses in 7/10 UK towns, then I’m surprised any houses at all are sold to their less well off private sector counterparts. This is pure spin, more moaning from the State workers — give us MORE!" 

Where were nurses in his thoughts when he made the demand to:

"Axe our NHS!"

As to U-turns he's doing one of his own, on Corporation tax he used to be a cheerleader for it:

"(I favour a 10% rate myself, let’s CHALLENGE the Republic and watch the corporate exodus Northwards!)...With my commercial head on I can fully understand and support the push for low corporation tax. I can see all kinds of benefits for all of the peopl of NI."

Although his flip flop on this is not surprising when his boss Jim Allister has done the same.

"I happen to believe that being in politics tends to lead to corruption - it's one reason I am glad I'm not on the front-line."

It appears that his attempts to enter the front-line has led to a corruption of his beliefs.

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