Thursday, 10 February 2011


Nolan this morning is building its attack on Treasury figures (pdf file).  However, the figures don't provide the backing that is claimed. Table 9.16 shows the difference in spending is minimal.  With 100 in 2009-2010 the baseline spending was:

England   99
Scotland 108
Wales     102
NI              98

Nolan is also ignoring the significant regional variation within England:

North East         109
North West        107
Y'shire & Hum     98
East Mids            91
West Mids           99
East                   112
South East          92
South West         94 

Table 9.15 sets out per head expenditure, in 2009-2010 the English average was £1,896 while Northern Ireland it was at £1,881.  In terms of at regional level, the following English regions spent the same or less:

Y'shire & Hum £1882
East Midlands £1744
East £1711
South East £1759
South West £1807

What this all means is that to present the situation as plenty in England and famine in Northern Ireland is a misrepresentation.

Nolan is also following McGimpsey's failure to finish the sentence even when he talks about "priorities". The same Treasury figures point to the answer Nolan and McGimpsey don't want to discuss. The following would face savage cuts to bring NI in line with England:

1. Housing and community amenities
2. General Public services
3. Recreation, culture and religion
4. Economic affairs
5. Public order and safety 

The following would face significant cuts

6. Social Protection

The following would face cuts:

7. Education

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ianjamesparsley said...

It is surely also of note that the highest spender, Scotland, has comfortably the lowest life expectancy.

We have to tackle this nonsense that more spending necessarily delivers better outcomes.

Any Health Minister should be restructuring the service so that what money is available delivers more.