Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Finishing Michael's sentence?

Yesterday in the Assembly Michael McGimpsey stated:

"However, the Executive and the House have to make certain decisions, because a number of other Departments, it could be argued, on a head-to-head basis with the rest of the UK are overfunded."

Yet he did not expand upon which departments were over-funded.  Leaving aside the proviso that 'over-funded' in comparison with the UK can be for good local reasons,  Table 9.16 (pdf file) gives some insight into the different categories of expenditure and comparison with elsewhere in the UK (100 is the UK baseline):

1. Housing and community amenities 261
2. General Public services 178
3. Recreation, culture and religion 163
4. Economic affairs 145
5. Public order and safety 142
6. Social Protection 119
7. Education 108
8. Health 98
9. Environment Protection 76
10. Defence 2

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