Friday, 5 November 2010


The TUV have just released a new leaflet (pdf file).  In keeping with its attempts to shift its ground and perceptions, it tries to go for some positivity:

"TUVʼs positive vision for Stormont: We donʼt want to wreck Stormont, we want to make it better for you...Jobs for you, not job for the boys: Facing up to economic reality, getting the priorities right"

However, its nature overwhelms the intent.  In terms of economic vision it manages to offer even less than the UUP document (yes it appears that is possible).  It calls for a economic strategy and that's about it.  No ideas of what it should actually contain only what it shouldn't.

They only have two ideas for savings - cut backs on the operation of government (fair enough) and abolish North-South bodies.  On the second suggestion the numbers don't entirely add up to the level of savings they claim.  A number of the tasks fulfiled by cross-border bodies would still need to happen so a Northern Ireland enitity would have to be created unless of course the TUV wishes to turn off the lighthouses and end all funding to Ulster-Scots etc etc. Even if we take their figures as accurate it would only fill about £500 million of a £4 billion hole (although perhaps they will save the rest by axeing the NHS as their economics spokesperson, David Vance, believes.)

The lack of ideas isn't the only thing undermining the "jobs for the you, not for the boys" message. The centre pages are taken up by what even the accompanying press statement admits is a "lengthy" article on the history of the methodology for electing first minister.  An article that involves some interesting re-writing of Allister's history in the DUP. He says:

"If there was a single occasion when I realised my days in the DUP were probably numbered it was 17 November 2006."

Despite this apparent realisation and objections to the legislation as soon as November he went on the campaign trail for the DUP in the subsequent Assembly election in February 2007.  There is also a bit of irony by-pass about the complaint of parades legislation being in abeyance.  Overall, the shoot of positivity gets buried by the muck-spreader.

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