Tuesday, 2 November 2010


It seems the defeat in the Westminster election has led to something of a re-think at TUV HQ. Some interesting footwork over language with more positivity and liberal buzz phrases seeping into their public statements. Jim Allister even  used the rhetoric of the DUP's moving forward slogan in his recent statement about talks with the UUP.    While Keith Harbinson referred to the "terrorist past" of Sinn Fein, note past not present.

If this shift continues then it pretty much confirms that the division in Unionism is essentially about timing i.e. how quickly we get away from mandatory coalition.  Somewhat typical of Unionism that it manages to gut itself over a detail within a policy consensus.  All three parties are signed up to the same goal. 

It will be interesting to see if its voters notice and how they react.  For some this will no doubt bring back memories of the DUP's repositioning and be wary of the dilution of the position.  Also outright opposition has been the TUV's Unique Selling Point without it what does it have?

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