Sunday, 12 September 2010

Laughing in Paterson's face

Mark Devenport highlights two problems with Owen Paterson's super whizzo idea that he raised at the Northern Ireland Select Committee.  First he contradicted the Deputy Speaker of the House, David Heath MP, who had denied in a written answer that there were any plans to change the oath:

"The Government have no plans to change these requirements."

Second when asked about the idea Gerry Adams curled up in laughter, somewhat predictably considering previous comments.  Perhaps now Paterson will see the sense of simply getting on with cutting their allowances and ending these pointless games.


Anonymous said...

They won't do anything. Paterson is a craven coward who has no problem gutting fellow Unionists in the DUP during a General Election campaign, but when it comes to standing up to SF rip off merchants he runs frit!

Ulster Tory said...

Or could he be going through the motions so that he is seen to have 'gone the extra mile'.....