Thursday, 9 September 2010

Super whizzo idea

Instead of simply acting on their promise to cut Sinn Fein allowances the latest Coalition delaying tactic is the super whizzo idea of letting Sinn Fein write their own oath.  The Mail's temparture has been suitably raised by Owen Paterson's comments at the Northern Ireland Select Committee over the parliamentary oath and Sinn Fein's abstentionist policy:

"I have said if the oath is an obstacle, come to me with an alternative text, we already do it for people who are not Christians. So far they have not..."

Perhaps Paterson missed such statements as this:

"There are a lot of things which there can be no certainty of and there are some things of which we can be certain. There will never, ever, be Sinn Fein MPs sitting in the British Houses of Parliament."

"even if the Commons oath was removed, Sinn Fein would refuse to take their seats in a parliament whose legitimacy they did not accept."

In the related expenses issue it has been risen and fallen with the tide.  First, they were going to be untouched.  Second it was going to be reviewed with a partial cut hinted at.  However, some are now asking whatever happened to the review?

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