Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Anger management - Updated

Time for a brief stroll in the grounds of Stormont before I rip this computer apart and throw it through a window no doubt subject to some protective regulation out of architectural interest.  The broadband system must have been installed when the place was built and as usual has ground to a near halt.

UPDATE:  The 10 minute stroll worked a bit but watching Michael McGimpsey rub everyone else in the Assembly up the wrong way provided enough entertainment value.  I have also decided that no more caffeine today would be a sensible idea.


slug said...

How about doing some work?

Anonymous said...

I think that Mr. McGimpsey's comment merit a report to the Speaker's Office.

Lee said...


That is what I was trying to do for nearly an hour but with repeated disruption and failure of internet access frustrating it throughout. Hence the anger.