Thursday, 26 August 2010

Still not getting it

Tom Elliott had the formal launch of the leadership bid for the UUP yesterday.  I've read his speech and  rather than take the time to do a thorough fisking  of it I'll make these general points.  Overall the speech tried to offer the vision thing but missed. It had a number of internal contradictions which impacted upon the overall coherence of the message (example here).  It tries to re-tread some failed messages from the Westminster campaign.   Aspects of it would imply that the campaign has got a bit jittery about the Basil campaign. 

It is unfair to expect any one person to have all the answers and Basil certainly didn't offer anything more substantive but it would be right to expect more than has been offered so far.

UPDATE Nicholas Whyte offers his thoughts and Open Unionism (which has started to come alive again after a bit of a slumber) is intending to keep a focus on it all.

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I have posted my thoughts here.