Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Three answers

So what is happening to UCUNF?  According to Ken Reid on last night's UTV news it was dead.  With the deal not extended to the Assembly and the joint office closed (plus the 'minor' detail of electoral failure) there hardly appears to be much life in this hybrid creature. 

However, a London Tory spokesperson was quick to respond saying this was not so. However the line that;

"it acknowledged the view of the UUP may change later this year, depending on who is elected as the new leader."

Means the scenario could be waiting for the relatives to agree to the life support machine being switched off. 

It is rumoured that Cameron stated a desire for it to continue during his private meeting with the UUP during his post-election visit. Although considering the anger of Scottish Conservatives at their treatment by Cameron and his attitude towards them since the election that should be viewed with some scepticism.

If it is gone it leaves the UUP back at square one in terms of narrative.  While the UUP made its usual hash of things it did give it an alternative positive narrative - something it needed since 2003 when the DUP overtook them as the largest party.  What will it offer instead?  It can fall back on counter-narrative but that is rarely a basis for growth.  Neither of the prospective candidates seem to have one to offer.

So UCUNF dead dying or alive?  It seems those treating this particular patient can't decide.

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