Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Propaganda v Historical fact

As pointed out by the DUP spokesperson at the time, it has been confirmed that the claims of Edward Carson being a hurling player are simply wrong.  In today's News Letter the director of the GAA oral history project confirms it:

"“The difference is there was no game of hurling played in Dublin in the 1870s - there was instead a game in Trinity College called hurley which was most likely brought across by English public schools and organised by Trinity from probably 1869 to the 1880s.  It was the only hurley club in the city, they used to play games amongst themselves like smokers against non-smokers.”
The rules of the two games were different with hurley players using football’s offside rule as well as only being allowed to hit the ball with one side of the stick, similar to in hockey."

Sinn Fein's press office comedic response was to go into denial claiming:

"...some people are choosing to focus on what is a side issue.”

When it was the central claim upon which the entire publicity event was based the side issue dodge is laughable. I wonder if UTV and BBC will take time to correct their inaccurate reporting.  The BBC wouldn't want to breach its editorial guidelines.

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