Thursday, 22 July 2010

Permanent Revolution

I met up with a few fellow bloggers for a wheen of drinks and a bit of crack last night.  During the conversation one asked how this blog was going.  I hadn't actually given it much thought until then but now that I have I'm probably a bit discontented.

Part of it is the pressure of time. Chunks of days when I haven't posted or when I make an effort to put up a couple of posts a day I feel as if I'm dashing them off to get something up when an extra 10-15 minutes would make them better or they maybe didn't really warrant a post. 

At my time at slugger two or three times a year I would take a big theme and then write one of my monster posts about it but I haven't done that here so far - the garden centre prod one is probably the closest to that.  Is this worth repeating or is it more suited to slugger rather than a personal blog?

Beyond that suggestions on how it can be improved or topics you think I should write about would be welcome.

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O'Neill said...

Re the time question, when you do have the time, rattle off a few shorter posts, quotes etc and diarise them (Blogger gives you the automatic possibility for this) so as far at least one appears a day.

But the basic point of blogging, even the evangelical-political-polemical type, is that you are supposed to enjoy it. When my own motivation flags I take time off and wait for something worthwhile that I feel like getting my teeth into before starting again. Many of your return readers probably now have you on a feed so you don't risk losing the core.