Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ken Maginnis and Tom Elliott - Ulster Nationalists!?!

When Peter Robinson said

"Build the DUP team to 10 MPs to assure a strong voice for Northern Ireland"

This led to accusations of Ulster nationalism. In the recent edition of the Impartial Reporter, Lord Ken Maginnis said the following of Tom Elliott.

"he has the energy to guard Northern Ireland's interests...he is prepared to take a huge risk on the people of Northern Ireland and the unionist community. How often do you find that? How often do you find someone like him, willing to dedicate their time to this country?"

Although Maginnis' powers of insight and prediction are questionable considering his inability to predict correctly what would happen within four days. Are they converts to Ulster nationalism?

Tom Elliott is correct on the issue of party discipline and considering Basil McCrea's loose cannon tendencies it is unsurprising that he smarted at that particular comment.  However, it needs to be remembered how much such discipline is the operation of good sense and culture rather than structures.


slug said...

This question is a little off topic but as you mention the DUP's 10 MPs and a strong voice for NI in the Commons....

How do you think the DUP feel about Lady Hermon not turning up once to Westminster in the present session. Given that they stood aside for her and could have opposed her.

Personally, I think it a real shame that there is not an MP for North Down who actually turns up. We do need to keep a good presence at Westminster Commons. The other DUP, to their credit, are attending very well. DUP may not be my 1st favourite party, but a DUP MP is miles better than a non-attending MP in terms of speaking up for NI interests.

I have no doubt that if Peter Weir had been elected he would have attended and contributed very fully.

Lee said...


I can only give my personal rather than a party view as I'm not aware of it having been debated with a formal position developed.

I consider her non-attendance a deep disappointment. I fully agree she should be attending parliament. I would have thought there would have been a basic expectation of a better standard of attendance.

I debated this topic with Chekov before and pointed out her attendance level could not be predicted in advance with her previous record being mixed (one term of high attendance one term of low attendance).

Peter Weir certainly has an excellent record in the Assembly (97% if IIRC).