Thursday, 29 July 2010

The bigger point

Mark Devenport is having some fun at Martina Anderson's comments in response to criticism of the CSI strategy.  The source of her headline figure is dubious.  However, this misses the bigger point.  Among the comments were the following:

" much of that is genuine or how much of it is about protecting their own positions and funding. There are a raft of good relations quangos out there which, quite frankly, are unelected, unnecessary and ineffective...Sinn Féin is committed to reducing this kind of waste and to cutting the number of quangos."

Is this not the real story?  Namely Sinn Fein is moving away from the pro-public sector/more spending response that has been its stock message until now.  Perhaps a few years in government is having an impact or the reality of the budget pressures coming our way has made them reflect.

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