Friday, 9 April 2010

Rumour Mill: Some UCUNFers unhappy with FST deal

RUMOUR: It appears the good news from FST has gone down badly with some of the UCUNF candidates with claims of threats to withdraw before nomination day. Perhaps the Tories will be able to clarify when they gives their tuppence worth on last night's deal.


Anonymous said...

Rumour is completely wrong!

Both Tories will be running and winning.

Anonymous said...

Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Irwin Armstrong, the Conservative and Unionist candidate for North Antrim, said today.

‘I welcome the decision of Rodney Connor to run as an Independent in FST, anyone who knows him will be fully aware that he is completely non sectarian and will attract votes from, and represent, all sections of the community in FST.

I am delighted that his political views are closely in line with mine and that he will take the Conservative whip at Westminster reserving the right, as all MP’s tend to do to, to vote in his constituents local interests.
He will make an excellent MP and will be a great asset to the Conservative Party as a full time Westminster MP in partnership with the other successful Conservative and Unionist candidates.’