Friday, 9 April 2010

One down one to go

A deal has been agreed for a Unionist Unity candidate, Rodney Connor, in Fermanagh and South Tyrone against Sinn Fein's multi-jobber Michelle Gildernew. The square was circled on the Tory demand that all candidates take the Conservative whip by a division of the whip - the former Chief Executive of Fermanagh District Council will follow the Tory whip except on matters relating to Northern Ireland where he will have freedom of action. First things first, congratulations to those who persisted and kept the issue alive so that this agreement was reached.

Now that FST has been sorted this leaves the other constituency of Belfast South. On the face of it there seems little reason why a comparable agreement can't be reached for there if a suitable candidate be identified although it better be done quickly with only 11 days remaining. However, this would involve a strategic shift from the UUP who have been following the SDLP line on a number of issues despite Ritchie making it clear she isn;t interested in partnering with the UUP and Alliance in the Assembly. Or perhaps the new SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie could live with her leadership opponent being brought down a peg or two?

Although I would suggest that UCUNF should bring their candidate into the loop on the possibility of such things (see front page story on South Belfast news).

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Charlie Reynolds said...

Unite Unite its our only hope