Thursday, 12 January 2012


In between rediscovering that my desk is made of wood rather than combined mounds of paper I have had time to check the locals and it appears Northern Ireland's journos just keep on giving.  Neither is there a continuing vendetta against the Irish News as today's offender is Liam Clarke, the political editor of the Belfast Telegraph.  He claims:

"David Ford is considering resigning as Justice Minister in response to Sinn Fein and DUP plans to scrap the Department of Education and Learning."

Such a move by Ford would seem premature on the basis no such department exists with perhaps John O'Dowd wondering why Ford is making such threats.

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Anonymous said...

Liam Clarke's grasp of basic facts is appalling. My personal favourite was his prediction in the Newsletter, after nominations closed, that the DUP might take 4 seats in East Belfast in 2003. With their 3 candidates.

He got paid to write that.