Monday, 7 March 2011


In his latest column Alex Kane examines the issue of Sinn Fein's growth in the recent Irish elections.  In it he argues that whatever Sinn Fein will try to make of it, it is a largely meaningless development. He makes clear that:

"Sinn Fein has been sucked in, screwed over and spat back out by the Brits."

He concludes that:

"Sinn Fein is just arrogant, absurd, deluded and trapped. The balaclavas have been swapped for suits, P O’Neill replaced by a senior civil servant and anti-British rhetoric drowned out by talk of budgets and the need to implement Tory cuts. So yep, Gerry, your day has come: and Northern Ireland remains firmly anchored in the United Kingdom."

I have found Alex's columns tend to have a cyclical feel to them with periods of positivity and negativity.  He has been in a rather over-despondent mood of late and I hope this column is a sign his writing will be heading in a more positive direction again.


Anonymous said...

Morning Lee,

I think the positivity/negativity of the column depends on whether I have had red wine or vodka on the Saturday night and how thumpy my head is when I start writing on the Sunday morning!

But---and you know this very well---I do have very great concerns about the mediocre nature of government here and the lack of a radical agenda.

Anyway, hope all well with you and that the cough has finally shifted. I still have the occasional bark (in every sense of that term).



PS: I always hit 'anonymous' because I can never get identity section to work. Freudian or waht!

Lee said...

The cough left in the morning to be followed by a bad head cold that evening.