Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Note to UUP:  Catching up with the position of others doesn't change the game.


Chekov said...

Who's position is that the PfG must be agreed before d'Hondt? Genuine question. I'm sure you're right, but I've not heard it before.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic Ultonia, challenge the idea if you don't like it, argue against it or even modify it, but it is a blinder of an idea and surprisingly Elliot has landed it first. Simply suggesting that someone else secretly and quietly told his mate of a good idea he had after a few pints in Red Beret is not a response.

Lee said...


As mentioned on facebook. It was the big picture stuff the one liner was refering too. As regards the PfG idea IMO practicality is its problem.


As the brief post makes clear there is little to challenge as few of them are new ideas nor ones I object too. Neither were these ideas "mentioned secretly nor quietly" by others nor did I make the suggestion they were.