Wednesday, 2 February 2011


A couple of would you believe its this morning.  Lord Wei, the Big Society Tsar has had to cut back his hours so he can:

"see his family more and to take on other jobs to pay the bills."

Meanwhile at Belfast City Council last night there was a motion on integrated education:

“This Council calls for the establishment of a Commission to bring forward recommendations for the introduction of a staged process to integrate the education system in Northern Ireland.  The Council believes that the development of a new education system is both an economic and a moral imperative for the City of Belfast and for the whole of Northern Ireland.

The Commission’s task would be twofold; firstly to identify the strategic issues which such changes will involve and secondly, and equally as importantly, to identify and suggest solutions to address areas of public concern around the creation of an integrated education system, such as identity, religious education, school assembly devotions and the curriculum.”

The motion was blocked by Sinn Fein, the SDLP and....the Alliance Party.

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Anonymous said...

Alliance are all for an integrated sector, but not a shared system as far as education goes. Next time they try their fluffy sounding platitudes about a shared future people should call them out on this.