Monday, 17 January 2011


Over the week-end was talking to a relative who informed me that when one of their children turned 18 they had received a bundle of information about Sinn Fein (not unusual as parties do various things to target new voters coming on to the rolls with a birthday card a common approach).  However, none of this child's friends had received such a pack despite them reaching 18 and being on the register.  Only one thing distinguished the child from their friends - a first name of Gaelic origin.  A case of profiling?

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Mark McGregor said...

Quite possibly. We did it when canvassing mainly Unionist areas (eg Moira) - used a name in the hope of identifying someone of Catholic and/or Irish background. Terribly sectarian but when you are chasing every vote with limited resources few will balk at a bit of 'prfiling'.

Though funny enough in that case it turned out we seemed to have identified catholic screws and cops who were more hostile than bog standard Unionists.