Monday, 6 December 2010

Dedicated... (Updated) wash dirty linen in public.  Flash Harry walked on Friday.  On Saturday it was revealed John K Lund had been suspended for comments on the Nolan show (only one of a number of members who participated in that sorry affair) with the result he was quitting and predicting others would follow (UPDATE a correct prediction judging by 3000 versts latest post).  Now on Monday a Lisburn UUP councillor, Ronnie Crawford, asserts on Flash Harry's facebook page:

"When will the UUP get a grip of itself?  We are a total shambles."

Before attacking the Party Chairman for his negative comments about those who had quit (scroll down), David Campbell:

"Following today's conference it was confirmed we need more Flash Harry's and fewer rash Campbell's."

Campbell attacking those Westminster candidates who had subsequently left the party which made at least one of their Assembly candidates, Lesley Macauley, uncomfortable.  As mentioned before disciplinary action doesn't necessarily create a culture of discipline it needs a membership that grasps the basic common sense of it.

Jpeg of facebook comments below the fold

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