Monday, 11 October 2010

Who'll get the 2.25 million jobs?

Fraser Nelson continues his focus on the ability of the British Labour Market to a) create jobs but b) for that demand to be met by foreign workers.  This dysfunction he predicts is a long-term danger for Cameron and the Coalition.  Its economic vision is based upon a significant expansion of the private sector providing more than two million jobs.  However, who gets the jobs will impact upon the feel good factor voters will feel?  

Nelson expects Labour's Ed Balls to focus on the issue to maxmise Coalition discomfort and pins his hopes on the impact of welfare reform to deal with it.  However, the desire for foreign labour isn't solely driven in the private sector by how much the welfare system instills or inhibits a desire to work.  There are also issues of work readiness and work ethic.  Even if the welfare reforms lead to more seeking to become active participants it doesn't necessarily follow they can compete within it.  This is were we need to look at what are called Intermediate Labour Markets to ensure people can.

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