Monday, 18 October 2010

A New Young Consumer

An odd moment (for me anyway) in Waterstones yesterday. (Well two I actually had 4 books in my hand to purchase at one stage but somehow managed to put three of them down.)  While I was prowling about upstairs the youngest was being wheeled about downstairs who decided to pick a book off the shelf (it must have appealed as what had been the fav book until now had been cast aside and took a few minutes looking to locate again).

We progressed to the till and when we went to take the book off the wean to pay for it. This was refused.  The first assumption was a tug of war was about to ensue but no it was willingly handed over directly to the shop assistant and patience displayed until it was returned. At 19 months, and before the first proper words have been spoken, being a consumer had been sussed out.  I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with it working out in that order even if book buying has been successfully passed on.

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