Friday, 3 September 2010

Which 'C'?

The C question has begun for Obama as the mid-term elections near.  Will he prove to be a Carter or a Clinton?  Carter being the political equivalent of Heath (or possibly Brown).  She argues that Obama of the campaign a distant memory:

"The president, for all of his success in checking off his to-do list, is now seen as just more of the same by a growing number of voters: a partisan Democrat addicted to big government and big spending.  It's strange, really, that the man who touched so many during the campaign has failed to connect in the same way during his presidency."

The polls are looking unprecendently good for the Republicans.  However, the nature of republican growth will have party bosses with significant management problems if the success comes through:
"...if the Republicans win handily, they'll have problems of their own: some of the newest members of Congress will be virtually unmanageable. They'll vote against every spending bill, not to mention funding the war in Afghanistan. They will have no appetite for compromise at all. They will make some GOP leaders miserable."

While Clinton played the post 94 game well he was helped by republican mis-steps.  I always thought Obama was an empty suit and never bought the Obamamania so my money has been and will remain on him proving to be a Carter.

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