Saturday, 11 September 2010

Suck it up

Over on Spectator Coffee House an odd justification of secularist attacks on the papal visit and Catholic Church:

"But should they really mind? Isn’t Christianity supposed to be all about suffering and persecution? Rather than moaning about prejudice, Catholics should welcome it."

Welcoming a prejudice?  Why is a secular prejudice to be accepted?  Equally criticism around the covering up of child abuse has nothing to do with belief in God so castigation for it is not the same as castigation for a particular religious belief.  Also if an evangelical Protestant were to commence the argument none of this applies anyway because the Catholic Church isn't Christian would that be a 'prejudice' that needed a response or borne like the secularists?  Perhaps it is all more an example of how confused the media approach to religion and what is and isn't acceptable to say and by who has become?

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