Thursday, 2 September 2010


Some have been questioning how Hague has responded to the press speculation about his personal life.  Guido, a pusher of the story, is maintaining a self-justifcatory pose in the face of criticism from elsewhere

"If Hague had kept an experienced press handler like William Littlejohn as his SpAd he wouldn’t be in this situation would he? He wouldn’t haven’t released that stupid statement on Monday, which brought him more unwanted press attention. He wouldn’t have released that cynical, Aitkenesque, “sword of fidelity” statement yesterday. All in all, he has only himself to blame for being ill-advised and has shown a staggering lack of judgement."

The media class certainly seems shocked by Hague's intervention yesterday.  However, perhaps more surprising is John Redwood's intervention:

"Let us hope this is now an end to the matter. Mr Hague himself now seems to believe that it was poor judgement to share a hotel room with an assistant."

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