Sunday, 26 September 2010


I was doing my usual Sunday trawl of websites and newspapers to see if there was anything I felt like writing about. However, the election of Ed Milliband as the new Labour leader is the predominant story.  I'll have to admit that I have not kept up with this race or the internal and external politics of it (I saw Crick's piece on his father and suffered about 15 minutes of the dire Miliband of Brothers.  That's pretty much it.).  As I have explained before the dynamics of a coalition are something I am interested in following so it has been the national story I try to keep track of.  So I therefore simply declare my ignorance of what this does and doesn't mean for the Labour Party and our national politics.  Although I do find this detail interesting.

PS On Miliband of Brothers I get the derivative thinking 'people get their news and politics from comedy these days blah blah' with the result a programme that tries to be documentary meets the Daily Show.   However, the fusion didn't work and unlike the Daily Show, it forgot the funny.

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