Monday, 20 September 2010

Hate Crimes

There has been another incident in Rasharkin with it likely being the latest in the long list of sectarian attacks in the village.  It has managed to grab the media's attention more than the few paragraph norm because the victim is the mother of NI and Premiership footballer Chris Baird.  Perhaps it is time to ask again, car crime is taken sufficiently seriously that a designated unit was created to tackle it.  This approach has also enjoyed success

"the team had helped reduce vehicle-related crime by 75% in the past eight years."

Yet, despite the persistence of sectarian attacks, the same approach of prioritising and focusing resources upon a problem is not applied to hate crimes?


Chekov said...

A straight forward sectarian attack do you think? I.e. attacked because they're Catholics.

Lee said...

Does it matter if the form of sectarianism expressed was straightforward or convulted?

Chekov said...

The repulsive nihilistic violence is the same wherever it's come from. But it does matter a bit if it's being implied in some quarters that Baird's choice to play for Northern Ireland had something to do with this.