Friday, 3 September 2010

Big Society Belfast Style

As I was popping out of the house yesterday evening a friend pulled up in his car.  We got talking and he told me he'd just managed to avert an interface confrontation (for the uninitiated an interface is the nice way of saying where areas dominated by one of the two main communities here physically meet and can be places of confrontation). 

On the way back from the shop he'd spotted an unusually large crowd of younger children gathered in a neighbouring Catholic area close to the interface.  He became suspicious that something could be up but equally concerned at the risk to such young kids (9-12).  He drove into my area and his suspicions were confirmed as he spotted a group of local teenagers armed with golf clubs walking purposely in the direction of the interface.  He succeeded in persuading them not to keep their appointment. Yes I said appointment.  The confrontation had been arranged via the internet.

He does such work in a voluntary capacity and the risk involved is entirely his own.

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