Saturday, 28 August 2010


Why is it when you are reading a help guide that the minute you see the words "easy and simple to do" when tinkering with computer code your heart sinks?  The task to change the background pic of this blog to personalise it.  The predictable result is stuck several hours later with the easy and simple task still undone, the little progress bar never getting past the same point no matter how many times you do it (except for that one time it told you the change had been done when it hadn't just to send you completely over the edge), the vocabulary of swear words (plus every possible combination) exhausted and making mental calculations of what would come off worse your laptop or the stud wall when you bounce one off the other repeatedly.

So you'll be looking at a fuzzy landscape for a bit longer.

UPDATE:  However, in the process of not uploading my picture it has managed to knock off my visitor analysis add-on.

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