Friday, 20 August 2010


So with the issues around the Department of Regional Development (DRD), Northern Ireland Water (NIW) and those 4 Non-Executive Directors still continuing, it appears to me that it is in need of a short-hand name.

It is an unwritten rule that it any scandal story needs -gate as an ending so what gate should it be?  Watergate would seem the most obvious but already taken.  Ulster's Watergate obviously has its appeal to me (but it wouldn't be sensible to conflate the two).  Also as the story develops it appears to be as much about DRD as it does NIW.  However, DRDgate and NIWgate don't exactly roll off the tongue.  Perhaps as it has been a PAC investigation (and attempted interference with it) we should give it the credit with PACgate.  Alternatively we could go for one of the key players.  With the ongoing investigation Priestleygate may be seen as too much of a pre-judgement but Minister Murphy is a politician and therefore a different kettle of fish so how about Murphygate?

Feel free to make your own suggestions, the usual prize of a rare copy of Cecil Walker: My Political Vision will be awarded.

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